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Unique wedding cakes to suit the personality and love story of any couple

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Unique, Delicate and Co-ordinated Wedding & Ceremony Cakes

Angie’s world-famous cakes are inspired by the individuals they celebrate. Angie believes that every celebration throughout a person’s life deserves a special and delicious cake creation, which is why she pushes her extraordinary design and creativity skills to the limit through each and every cake she creates.

From weddings to graduation ceremonies, there’s a unique design waiting to be realised through a mouth-watering, edible centrepiece.

Wedding Cakes

Every couple is unique; your story, interests, style and personalities are united in a celebration you will remember for the rest of your lives. Angie Scott works hard to ensure that your wedding cake reflects this and is a spectacular central piece to the event. Taking any ideas – from the subtlest hints of romance to extravagant displays of flowers, crystals and designs – Angie’s attention to detail ensures that every wedding cake is just as special and unique as the couple ordering it.

Ceremony Cakes

Special cakes shouldn’t just be saved for weddings. Where there’s a celebration – there should be delicious cake! We believe that every gathering is improved by the presence of a unique cake – christenings, graduations, retirements and anniversaries are all great excuses for a party – where there’s an occasion, there should be cake!

Cake Projections for Weddings & Ceremonies

One of the main features of the big day, a truly unique wedding cake is everyone’s dream. Cake projection brings those dreams – along with your interests and personalities – to life! With two sides decorated with icing, flowers, figurines – whatever you and your partner want – and two plain white sides which are brought to life through a custom digital projection – showcasing your story, interests and personalities through a dazzling video mapped projection.

As one of the first companies in the UK to offer wedding cake projections, we are proud to bring one of the most important and memorable desserts to life, through custom video mapping showcasing the romance, unity and personalities of the couple.

Fully customised and designed from scratch, you know that your custom cake projection will incorporate your personalities, interests and story to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, central figure for your big day.