Fully Working Remote Control Car Cake

A fully functional, and edible remote control Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 made with cake!

Working Remote Control Car Cake

  • Shelby Mustang GT500 Working Remote Control Car Cake
  • Inside the cake that was a working remote control car cake

The Original Remote Control Car Cake

Making international headlines in summer 2016, the remote control car cake is a truly unique design, with a controllable internal structure, the body is carved from a sweet sponge surround and decorated and detailed with colourful icing.

Make it your own

This cake was based on a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, it is fully mobile and able to be controlled remotely using a custom remote. This type of cake works great as a surprise for the birthday boy or girl and can be custom-designed to resemble any make and model of car. With personalised license plates adding the finishing touch, this cake will make any event one which will not be forgotten in a hurry!

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