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Professional Wedding and Corporate Event Cake Projection

Cake projection – or video mapping – is the art of projecting animations, videos and images onto two blank sides of a tiered cake. These projections are custom-created for each event and can include animations, handwritten messages, logos and photographs – and are designed to match the personality or theme of the event.


As one of the first UK companies able to undertake cake projection projects, Angie Scott Cakes are proud to present fully customised, unique designs without over-using stock animations or copying the designs of large US companies – these cake projections are one-of-a-kind and designed especially for you or your company.


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What Events are Video Cake Mapping Projections Suitable for?

Wedding Cake Projections

Our wedding cake projections include custom animations and images to reflect the personalities, interests, love story and relationship of the happy couple. This is 10 minutes long and we can provide a custom ‘cutting the cake’ animation to give your big day the extra wow factor.

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Corporate Cake Projections

Cake projections for business and corporate events incorporate a looping ten-minute projection which can include logos, branding, company milestones, staff photo collages, handwritten messages submitted ahead of time and animations

About our Unique Projection Cake Service

Our cake projection service incorporates an eye-catching cake, ten-minute looping projection and accompanying table decor with a truly personal touch;

  • a 6-tier cake comprising sponge and dummy layers, as needed, with two plain, white sides to display the projection and two sides professionally decorated to suit the theme of the event.
  • The custom projection which loops for the duration of the event and can include;
    • Photographs
    • Handwritten messages submitted by guests ahead of time
    • Animations
    • Video messages from absent people
    • Branding and advertisements
    • ‘cutting the cake’ animation
  • Surounding decoration for the backdrop and table, including;
    • Projected photo frames showing videos and images from the couple’s lives
    • Lights of any colours or combinations, with twinkling, static or flashy effects to suit the theme.
    • Black, white or coloured backdrop sheet and matching table cloth
    • Assorted decorations to suit the event theme
  • A full on-site cake projection service including setting up the cake, projection equipment and remaining on-hand throughout the day, as well as the breakdown of the equipment once the event has concluded.

Get a quote for a projection cake

If you would like Cake Projection Mapping costs or a quote for your own projected cake, complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your cake. We mainly supply the cake mapping services in the UK but we are available in other countries if required.